Nicole Beauvois
Instructor for the Amma table-massage in France


Instructor for Amma table-massage in France
Certified Practionner in Amma Japanese Massage since 1988 by Gary Bernard, Co-Founder and Master Instructor of the Amma Institute of San Francisco.
Certified Practionner in Amma chair massage since 2000 by Touch-Pro Europe
Shintaido Instructor since 1988.
Born in 1951, Saint-Maur (France).

1998 to present
• Nicole teaches Shintaido, in the -Val de Loire branch she started and runs
• She established the Association Amma-France
She participated to the Amma Chair Workshop Massage Technique, originated in San Francisco by David Palmer (the creator of the Amma-Chair Massage)
• She received a diploma in Rotterdam by Touch-Pro Europe
• She conducts Amma-chair Massage in various business environments
• She is an Instructor of Amma table-massage for Amma-France
• She organized the formation of Amma Table Massage Workshops taught by HF ITO and assists him

. for an appointment in AMMA on table please contact : (0)2 54 81 69 22

Nicole lived in Quebec, teaching Shintaido at L’Attitude Institute and was an Amma practitioner there
She used Shintaido techniques as a tool to coach a Chorus of Sacred Music in Quebec

• Nicole created the Amma-France Association
• She met Michel Van Wayenberge, Director of L’ Attitude (Center of massages and relaxation) Quebec, Canada and planned to help him establish Amma in France; she assisted him with AMMA Chair Massage Workshops
• She made several trips to Quebec to take workshops at the L’Attitude Institute

• Nicole worked at the Spa of the TRIANON PALACE in Versailles (France) as an Amma practitioner She also performed aromatic massages, and feet reflexologie (Japanese style)
• In 1995, she taught Shintaido at the Association Gombault-Darnauld, a day hospital for young people suffering from various psychoses

• For 14 years Nicole worked as a Secretary to the Managers of a large company.
• She left the company in 1985 and went to Japan for two years to study Shintaido
• She practiced Shintaido under the direction of Hiroyuki Aoki, founder of Shintaido, and M. Okada, Head of Japanese Shintaido
• While In Japan she spent two years teaching at an Institute for mentally handicaped and delinquent teenagers

• In 1988, she becomes Shintaido Instructor, and go to San Francisco, to study the Amma with David Palmer and Gary Bernard at the Amma Institude of California and obtain her diploma of Practitionner in Amma the same year

• In 1987 Nicole started her study of the Amma technique through her contact with HF.Ito who was teaching Amma and Shintaido in France through the French Shintaido Association

Instructor Haruyoshi Fugaku Ito

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